Discovery Education Streaming and Science for Middle Schools

How to Use Discovery Education Resources
Your subscriptions are listed on tabs on the left, near the top. When you select one, you will see links and quick start guides.
For more information on using Discovery Education Resources, click on the Professional Development tab on the left, near the top.
Some helpful links:

Downloading Videos
Discovery Education does not recommend you stream videos, so you are best to download them. Downloading your videos to save to a later is probably an efficient way to prepare. Then you will not have to be concerned with the network server's speed.
1. Search for your video segments.
2. You can click on the download image on the right click for the extended menu to save link as... so you can place it in a specific folder).
3. If the file type is not correct, you can change the "download type" below the video. Then download.

Integrating Discovery Education into SMART Notebook and PowerPoint
  • It's always a good idea to keep your work in folders. In particular, if you want your videos to load quickly, download the files into a folder that you can link your to your Notebook attachments and PowerPoint slides. Keeping files in a folder helps keep everything organized.
  • In SMART Notebook: Use the Attachments (paper clip) for your movies. You can link to a shortcut. Once you locate the file, don't change its location or you'll need to relink.
  • In PowerPoint: When you link, it will create a shortcut to the file. Again, once you locate the file, don't change its location or you'll need to relink.

Discovery Education Science assessments for grades 5-6
  • Assessments and more are under "My Builder Tools" on second horizontal bar on right.
  • Science Assessment Manager aligns questions to the CT Science curriculum, grades 5-8.
  • Use the Grade Level Expectations for 2009 for the most recent information.
  • Science Assessments are automatically scored and resources recommended.

Saving and Sharing Discovery Education Resources
  • Use the My Content area to save and share your resources.
  • This is similar to making Favorites that you can get at your login.

Downloadable copies of the User Guides
Discovery Education Users Guide
Discovery Education Science for Middle Schools Users Guide